Darryl Genis is a DUI defense attorney

Darryl Genis's Bio:

Darryl Genis is the lead trial attorney for the Law Offices of Darryl Genis. He has achieved many successful results for clients charged with a DUI defense in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties. Mr. Genis is the only trial lawyer in the tri-county region dedicated exclusively to DUI Defense and has been practicing since 1980. Darryl is a CDLA specialist Member and a member of the CDLA Board of Directors. He has been an Amicus Attorney twice before the California Supreme Court, and the only attorney to secure a unanimous decision in favor of a defendant on a DUI case (McNeal) that resulted in a change to the law to the benefit of the defense bar for the entire State of California.

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Technology, surfing, hiking, and reading.